Bulgari - Anneke Boeren Luxury Influencer

“Social endorsement as marketing strategy” – Anneke Boeren

When Louis Vuitton, est. 1854, advertised on his shop on Boulevard Haussmann that the Empress Eugenie was a customer, he was already using social endorsement as a marketing strategy.

Coco Chanel built her initial success in the 1930s by developing close ties with the Paris fashion community. Most creators still today have built their initial success by building strong relationships with a small community of influential clients.


Louis Vuitton today boasts over 18M likes on Facebook, Chanel 13m and Chloé is the fashion house that has women talking the most on social media, but this didn’t happen overnight and certainly not in response to beautiful adverts. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, has been courting fashion bloggers as far back as 2007.

Citing that trust and consumer purchase behaviour is largely driven by peers and authoritative content and that only 3% of individuals drive 90% of conversations and impact online, global Influencer Management platform, Traackr, believes that influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most promising approaches to generating authentic impact on social and has become the primary means of harnessing the power of such influencers.

Making the most of social media marketing and for that matter, Influencer Marketing, implies having a strategy. It’s not about the likes, it’s all about romance that becomes a relationship. Romance sells and relationships are meant to last through achieving authentic engagement and resonance.

Anneke Boeren - Luxury influencer

Anneke Boeren – Luxury influencer

Anneke Boeren - Luxury Influencer Bulgari

Anneke Boeren – Luxury Influencer Bulgari

(Article by Nicolas Chabot, VP EMEA, Traackr – Find here the complete article)

Curated by Anneke Boeren -Luxury Influencer


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